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Fuqua IT reserves 12am-6am EST every Wednesday for network and system maintenance.

During this time frame, Fuqua's IT services and network may not be available.

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Course Related Excel Add-Ins:

Certain core classes at Fuqua require the use of Microsoft Excel add-ins. Not all add-ins are compatible with Microsoft Excel on the Mac.

The following are the only add-ins that are compatible with both Microsoft Excel on Mac and Windows:

  • Solver
  • SensIt
  • RegressIt

The following add-ins and software programs must be used within a Windows operating system utilizing Microsoft Office 2019 Professional 64-bit. Many of the add-ins will not work properly if used with Office 365:

  • Crystal Ball
  • FSBstats
  • Treeplan
  • People Express Simulator
  • Statgraphics Centurion

If you have a Mac computer, you are required to be able to run all of the above add-ins and software programs in the courses where they are used. This can be done through the installation of a virtual machine, such as VMWare Fusion, or by utilizing a virtual machine through Duke OIT's Virtual Computing Manager.

Instructions for Excel Add-Ins:

  • The following instructions are for FSBSTATS, SensIt, and TreePlan
  • Download the appropriate file below
  • Extract the files from the .zip file.
  • Copy and paste the .xlam file to the following folder:
    • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\XLSTART
  • Open Excel click File > Options > Add‐Ins. Select Excel Add‐ins:, click Go
  • Click Browse and navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\XLSTART, select the file and click OK. Make sure the checkbox is checked (If you have another add-in to search for repeat above, then when finished click ok.

    Used in Probability and Statistics and Business Computer Applications
  • SensIt (DECISION 517F/K and DECISION 611)
    Used in Decision Models
  • TreePlan (DECISION 517F/K and DECISION 611)
    Used in Decision Models

  • People Express Simulator (DECISION 613)
    Used in Strategic Modeling and Business Dynamics
  • The software is now offered online. Additional information will be provided by your professor.

  • RegressIt (DECISION 614)
    Used in Forecasting and MMS Excel Review
  • RegressIt

  • Crystal Ball (DECISION 517F/K, DECISION 521Q, and DECISION 611)