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Keller Center West: W134


(919) 660-7878

URGENT after-hours support (919) 660-7878, press 1

URGENT in-classroom support (919) 660-7979

Fuqua Server Maintenance

Fuqua IT reserves 12am-4am EST every Wednesday for network and system maintenance.

During this time frame, Fuqua's IT services and network may not be available.

Fuqua Multimedia

General AV needs, advance plans for events
(919) 660-7974

Duke OIT Help Desk

24 hours/day, 5 days/week

Sun. 7pm - Fri. 5pm (EST)

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Conference Calling

You need to make a phone call in a room with more that one person participating. This requires a speakerphone of some sort, unless you plan to pass the hand set.

Many standard office phones have a speakerphone function, but they are not designed to cover a range of more than a few feet. In truth they are really intended for hands-free calling by an individual sitting next to the phone more than for a group of people huddled in a room. Perhaps you have attended one of those “meetings” where someone can’t make it, so they call in and you put them on “speakerphone.” You turn the volume up as loud as it goes, you yell from across the office when you want the person on the phone to hear, and you all have to be real quiet when the person on the phone talks if you want to hear their distorted voice.

You need a better speakerphone, and we have one. It’s called a Polycom Soundstation, and it’s a phone that has better internal microphones and speakers than a standard office phone. It also uses very good “echo-cancellation” processes to allow greater sensitivity and volume without feedback. The phones that we have are great for handling a moderately sized conference room setting. They can be used in a classroom setting, but this is stretching it. In a classroom, or Geneen Auditorium it is possible to use a microphone to amplify the speaker output from the Polycom through the room system. This allows the people in the room to hear the remote site better, but participants who wish to speak to the people on the other end will probably have to move to within about ten feet of the phone unless they want to yell.

We (Fuqua Multimedia) would be happy to set up one of these phones for you to use within our facilities. There is, however, one primary catch. These phones require an analog phone line. It’s a technical detail, but there are two types of phone lines in our buildings, “analog” and “ISDN.” The Polycom phone won’t work on an ISDN line. So, to use this better speakerphone, you need a space with an analog line. See the list of reservable spaces to the left for rooms that have analog lines and the number for the line in that room.

Arranging for a conference phone

To make arrangements for a phone in one of these spaces, please do the following:

  • Book the room through the BMO, (919) 660-1987.
  • Send an email to multimedia@fuqua.duke.edu and let us know location, date, start and finish times. (If you are doing this at the last minute (like the day before, or less) call (919) 660-7878 and ask the TSC to call us on the radio, so that we can call you and confirm arrangements right away.) We'll arrange to put the phone in the room for you and pick it up when you are done.

Operation is pretty simple, once you get past the fact that the phone has no hand set. There is an "on/off" button which replaces picking up and hanging up the phone.

Long Distance

The phones in public spaces are restricted against outgoing long-distance calls. It’s fine for someone to call in from long-distance, but if you are going to need to place the call, you will need to contact the BMO, (919) 660-7744 and request that the line re unrestricted for the time that you will be using it.

What if I need to connect to more than one phone?

Duke OIT has contracted with Premiere Global Services for this service. Go to Duke OIT's audio conferencing web page for instructions.

This process takes a couple days, so please plan accordingly.

These spaces have built-in room systems for conference calls that are activated through the touchpanel:

Room Name Phone Number
Dansby (919) 660-1088
HCA (919) 660-1940
Leaman (919) 660-2942
Lilly (919) 660-2941
McClendon (919) 660-1951
Nicholas Boardroom (919) 660-1931
Conference Room 14 (919) 660-2925


These reservable spaces have analog phone lines:

Room Name Phone Number
2008 (919) 660-7880
Connally (919) 660-7881
Formica (919) 660-7882
Geneen (919) 660-7947
McKinley (919) 660-7916
Morrow (919) 660-7623
Mosler (919) 660-7883
Rand (919) 660-7884
RJR (919) 660-7932
Sauer (919) 660-7885
Classroom G (919) 660-8055
Conference Room 4 (919) 660-7743
Seminar A (919) 660-8048
Seminar B (919) 660-8074
Seminar C (919) 660-7917
Seminar D (919) 660-8075
Seminar E (919) 660-8076
Seminar F (919) 660-8077
Seminar G (919) 660-8031
Global Telesuite (919) 660-3735