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Fuqua Server Maintenance

Fuqua IT reserves 12am-6am EST every Wednesday for network and system maintenance.

During this time frame, Fuqua's IT services and network may not be available.

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General AV needs, advance plans for events
(919) 660-7974

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Digital Fax

A digital fax service has been made available for Daytime MBA and MMS - Foundations of Business students. You can print out instructions here or follow them below

What is a Digital Fax?

Fuqua’s Digital Fax service allows you to send electronic data (Word, PDF, Excel files, etc) via an easy to use web interface.

  • Is there a cost associated with it: No. You can send a digital fax from any location as long as you have Internet access and an electronic version of the fax you wish to send.
  • Can I Send From Other Locations? Yes. You can send a digital fax from any location as long as you have Internet access and an electronic version of the fax you wish to send.
  • Can I Receive Faxes? No. Fuqua’s Digital Fax Service is currently limited to sending faxes. Incoming faxes can be handled through the Building Management Office (BMO). They request that you make arrangements to be present when the fax is scheduled to arrive. The BMO fax number is (919) 684-2818.

How Do I Send a Digital Fax? 

  1. Browse to the digital fax web interface here. Enter your Duke NetID and password.
  2. Select Compose in the upper left-hand corner of web page
  3. Select Compose tab, and enter the recipient’s information:
    a. Enter recipients name
    b. Enter recipeints company name if applicable
    c. Enter recipients phone number in following format 15552224444 (phone number should include leading “1” followed by area code and phone number)
  4. Enter Subject: and Comment: information. (Optional)
  5. Use the Browse… button to select the files you wish to fax
  6. Select the Sender and Company Information tab to make any adjustments in sender and/or company information
  7. Return to Compose tab and click the Submit button to send your fax

Checking the Status of Sent Faxes 

You can check the status of your digital faxes by clicking Outgoing Queue or Outbound History. Outgoing Queue displays faxes that are in the process of being sent. Outbound History displays the status of all faxes that have completed the send process. This will include faxes that have failed to reach their destination. You should also receive an e-mail confirmation once the fax has been processed.