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Connecting to PhD UNIX Server - Via X-Win32

Applications such as Matlab, SAS, or Stata can be run in a graphical environment from the PhD UNIX server, Latte.

Starting X-Win32

Xwin-32 will give you a GUI (graphical user interface) like Windows instead of a command line only interface. When you first launch Xwin, you will most likely receive some messages about allowing it through the firewall and activating the license for it. Check the box(es) to allow anything to do with Xwin and when the activation window pops up:
  1. Select License Server from the drop down menu
  2. Enter xwin-lic.oit.duke.edu for the Hostname
  3. Enter 5053 for the Port

To configure Latte on Xwin

  1. Open Xwin configuration
  2. Click on Wizard on the right side of the window
  3. Type Latte in the field and click on ssh, then Next
  4. In the Host field enter: latte.fuqua.duke.edu and Next
  5. Enter your normal Fuqua credentials
  6. In the Command field, simply click on Linux (the top option in the list) and finish

You should see your new Latte option in the list under “My connections” which you can now single click on, then click Launch. It should now ask for your password connecting you to Latte.

Running Applications on Latte

To run statistical applications on the Unix server "latte":

  1. Start Xwin 32, Then start the application of your choice:
    • To run Matlab, type matlab &
    • To run SAS, type sas &
    • To run Stata, type xstata

The graphical version of the application will launch on your Windows desktop.